Today we took Peyton to his first MDA Camp. We dropped off Bear with Auntie Bev and Uncle Joe so that we would be able to concentrate and soak it all in.


I am pretty sure it’s more overwhelming for Ethan and me than Peytie or Logan.  We understand the magnitude of what his diagnosis means.  He’s a 7-year-old child and is oblivious…as it should be.

Once we arrived at camp I felt a lump in my throat and sinking in my stomach.  First because I am leaving my child with strangers for a week and second because the reality of what is to come.  After checking in his luggage we met his counselor Maren.  She will be with him the entire time.  She even sleeps in the bunk above his.  She walked us through registration and then through the medical process.  Here Peyton had his temperature checked and hair checked for lice.  Gross but I’m glad they check.  Then we had to go through each pill that he takes and make sure that they had the amounts correct, time of day correct and anything else in relation to this process.  Hope he doesn’t give them as difficult of time that he gives us.  I can’t really blame his as some are awful but again, I understand the repercussions and he doesn’t.

His counselor then walked us to his cabin where he would be staying with 6 or 7 other boys his age.


We saw some other boys mingling around and they are in all different stages of the disease.  A couple have service dogs and Peytie thought he should bring Potter.  We decided Potter is of service to no one unless it’s cleaning up after meals.

Ethan walked Maren through his stretching routine that must be done every morning and evening.  Since the other kids are probably needing the same Physical Therapy, Peyton shouldn’t protest as much.   We then checked out the mines that are next to his bungalow.


We knew it was time to leave but pulling away wasn’t easy.  Peyton is going to have a blast.  After seeing the operation and meeting his counselor we felt more comfortable. Peyton hadn’t stopped chatting with Maren since we were introduced.  I told her I hope she likes stories because he has quite the imagination and loves to talk.

The sweetest moment came as we were walking away and Peytie came running back and hugged Logan, then Daddy, then me.

64003_10201566827114233_866614180_n 1012395_10201566828394265_1478619389_n

He turned and walked with Maren to his home away from home for the next week.


We miss him already.  Sure can’t wait to hear all about it.

Daddy has a special surprise for him Thursday.



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