Miss our boy…but he doesn’t miss us

We dropped Peyton off on Sunday and Monday we got a call from his counselor.  Peyton wanted to tell us that he was having a great time and is making a lot of friends.  Tuesday they sent photos.  He definitely looks like he’s having fun and making friends.

Peyton MDA Camp 1

They were having a dance Tuesday night and Peyton got dressed up for the occasion.  Isn’t he CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peyton MDA Camp 2

Today Ethan surprised Peyton at camp.  Then I got a surprise call from Peyton.  He reiterated how much fun he is having then told me they made a Harlem Shake video at the dance.  Can’t wait to see that.  He also told me he had just ridden a motorcycle.  He was ecstatic.  He obviously forgot my “motorcycles are dangerous” mantra but his enthusiasm was contagious.  After a bunch of  “I love you’s” and “I miss you’s”, I reluctantly hung up.

While Peyton is having a blast, Logan misses him terribly.  I actually didn’t expect him to be so sad and out of sorts.  He told Gramma Carol that he missed Peyton and didn’t have any one to talk to.  He wants Bear to sleep on the bottom bunk so he isn’t alone.  He definitely hasn’t been himself.   Hopefully he will appreciate Peyton more. Who am I kidding?  They will be fighting 5 minutes after they get back together.  I can dream.  Bear only remembers Peyton is missing when we get in the car.  He looks over at the empty seat and asks “where Peytie go?”  It’s something I guess.

I am glad he is enjoying himself.  I know as the year’s pass this will be a special week for him to reconnect with friends and just be a kid.  I can’t wait to hear all about his special week.


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