Our boy is home (for now)

Peyton is back home with us and it only took about 12 hours for the fighting and chaos to begin.  It’s great to have him home.  He had a fantastic time.  When we picked him up he came running over to us and the first person he hugged…Logan.

25 MDA 7.19.13

We had so many counselors come up and tell us what a great kid he is and how much fun he was.  His counselor said he was very easy and the life of the party.  She said he was very shy at first but by the first night was making friends and entertaining his roommates.   I must commend the MDA for a very special week.  They put on a top-notch event.  The counselors were a bunch of college age kids that really put my faith back in humanity.  I have told Logan that once he is old enough he will be volunteering as well.  He wishes he could volunteer now.

This is a Counselor Peyton loved hanging out with (apparently you can’t have a boy counselor until you are 10) and saying goodbye to his counselor Maren.

23 MDA 7.19.13 24 MDA 7.19.13

Peyton enjoyed archery, mining for gold, a formal dance, swimming, arts and crafts and a bunch of other activities.  Little nuggets are still coming out.  This is the face of a happy camper that will be back.

22 MDA 7.19.13

Tomorrow Peyton and Logan leave for a 2-week vacation to visit Gramma, Grampa, Uncle Eric, Auntie Laura, and their cousins in Seattle.  Bear is a little to young (and crazy) to be away just yet.  We will miss them both but it’s important to us that Peyton really experience life and that he is close to his family.  He will need them as he gets older.


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