Leaving on a Jet Plane

Today we sent Peyton and his big brother Logan on an adventure.  To some people I am the worst mother in the world and others the best.  You see, I sent my children on a plane…alone.

Airport 3 7.22.13

Was I nervous?  Of course.  But I know they are going to have a great time with family.  Ethan and I think it’s important for them to travel.  Especially Peyton.  Again, it’s about experiences for him.  Little nuggets of fun he can tuck away.   The other boys benefit too.  I want them to know that there are other places in the world besides the place we call home.

Sometimes letting go is a good thing.  Hopefully they learn valuable lessons like confidence and independence.  I want them to rely on each other.  We tell them brothers are best friends.  Traveling together without us makes them need each other and understand its importance.

Airport 1 7.22.13

I also hope they realize how important Grandparents are in nurturing children.  Someday I want my boys to feel the same way towards me.

The plane ride was exciting for them.   Ethan’s cousin is a flight attendant and had her friends give a report.  Peyton and Logan were wonderful and fun.  Peyton spilled V8 juice on his white shirt so he went to the bathroom to wash it off.  He came out without a stain.  How?  He turned his shirt around.  If it’s on the back and he can’t see it, must not be there.  He is very creative.  Apparently the whole plane thought he was hilarious.  He is!

I am proud of the little men they are becoming.  I will miss them terribly and be anxious the entire time they are away but to let them grow, I need to let go.  Or so I’m told.  Easier said than done!

Airport 2 7.22.13


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