Summer Vacation

Growing up in the Midwest my sister and I were sent to stay with my Gramma in Big Bear every summer.  I have very fond memories of those summer vacations.  My Gramma was a very important part of my life.  She wasn’t just my Gramma, she was Gramma Fay to all my friends too.  I hope my children are coming away with the same experiences.  I know they are having such a great time with Gramma and Grandpa.  Peyton is fascinated with all the trees.

Seattle Camping 2

They’ve gone to the movies, zoo, water parks and camping.  They’ve also pulled weeds, dug holes and helped out at the community garage sale.  I’m told Logan is an excellent sales person.  They are really enjoying spending time with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  From the looks of the photos, the cousins are enjoying it too.

Seattle Red Robin

Seattle Camping 6

Seattle Camping 5

We miss them but are happy that they are enjoying their summer vacation and spending quality time with family they don’t see often enough.  It’s important to us they build these relationships.  Believe me, Peyton’s diagnosis is never far from our mind.  We don’t know how the future is going to play out but we are committed to making sure all our boys value family and create lots of wonderful memories along the way.



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