I realize I haven’t updated in awhile.  I have so many emotions running thru me.  When I get a chance I will catch you all up on this roller coaster of a year.  We have strapped ourselves in as I don’t see us getting off any time soon.

Earlier this year (although it feels like longer) I asked you to help us by signing a petition to push the FDA to approve a drug that has the very real potential to help Peytie.  I asked and you delivered.  You signed, you told your family and friends to sign and thanks to you, MY PRECIOUS LITTLE BOY HAS A CHANCE! Although the drug wasn’t approved, it was sent back to clinical trial and Peytie started the recruitment process this week.

So thank you for caring, thank you for sharing and thank you for loving my family.  As you end the year know that you did your part to help not only my family and son, but many, many more.

Although this will never be enough – THANK YOU.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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2 comments on “A HEARTFELT THANK YOU

  1. Angela Stoddard says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed and sending prayers. I hope Peyton is accepted into the trial and that it works miracles!

  2. bonybon says:

    Thank you Angela for your continued love and support. It means alot.

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